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арт. PL9029-31

Колеса в сборе багги 1:8, шины Revolver M2, диски Velocity V2, белые, передние/задние, 2 шт.

Производитель: PROLINE (США)
Шины 111х43 мм, состав M2 (средние), диски 83х42мм, сплошные, осевое отверствие 12 мм, адаптер 17 мм. Revolver Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted on V2 for Front or Rear
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Колеса в сборе багги 1:8, шины Revolver M2, диски Velocity V2, белые, передние/задние, 2 шт.

Revolver Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted on V2 for Front or Rear 9029-31 | M2 Medium Mounted on V2 White Wheels Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted. The next tire of choice, the Revolver. Already an icon in the RC industry after winning the 2008 IFMAR World Championships at the Farm 2, in North Carolina. Used in M3 compound at the worlds, but also available in XTR and M2 compounds, the Revolver is ready to take on those drivers that were looking for something a little extra special. Here's how the Revolver came to be: From Design to Development to the Race Track by Scott Hughes Six months prior to the World Championships, we knew we needed something more— something that would be revolutionary. We wanted to make a tire that would last longer and work better in a multitude of conditions. After several late night sessions of hashing out design after design, and much input from team drivers, we developed the Revolver. An IFMAR World Champion, Billy Easton, contacted Pro-Line about working together on some future projects. The timing was perfect and we presented a tire concept that would fill a void in our tire line. We wanted a tire that was directly in-between the Hole Shot and Crime Fighter tread in size. After numerous drawing reviews and rapid prototype samples, the Revolver was introduced to our tool room and production personnel for immediate creation. Official production samples rolled off the floor 1 week before departing for the worlds. This lead to a private test session for team drivers on September 5th. Here's what a few of them had to say: "The Revolver is amazing. My car was more stable and worked better on this surface then any tire I have ever ran." - Ryan Cavalieri "The Revolver lasted and worked much better than anticipated. I think we have a winner." - Chad Bradley "I like the fact that it fills a void in our tire line. Another tire to choose from when going to a big event. Great job!" - Jeremy Kortz It felt like we had something special going into the worlds, but just how special was it? After securing 8 out of 12 spots in the main, each driver chose to run the Revolver in the finals warm-up. There were 3 minutes of warm-up prior to the drivers introduction and 3 minutes of warm-up after the drivers introduction so there was plenty of time to figure out the best tire set-up. We learned during earlier finals from many of our team drivers that the Revolver was working really well and the wear seamed better than other tires. It made sense to have each team driver try these during their 1st warm-up. Nothing short of "maximum best," as Atsushi Hara commented after running on Revolvers for 3 short minutes. "I know they will be the best tire in the finals," he continued to say. When the 60 minutes of action-packed, position-swapping final commenced, Pro-Line's own Atsushi Hara crossed the line to take home the 2008 IFMAR Championships. He was followed by Mike Truhe, who reached for Pro-Line Crime Fighters in the front and Bow Ties in the rear, and Renaud Savoya and Jared Tebo, both on Revolver M3 tires. Tire Features: * Lug size is perfect for a variety of surfaces * Lug spacing optimizes traction and tread longevity * World Champion molded foam insert included * For use on standard or V2 size wheels * Made from M2 (Medium), M3 (Soft) compounds Pre-mounted Features: * No more gluing! * Available in the most popular compounds * Choose between gleaming white and ultra bright yellow wheels * Mounted on Genuine Pro-Line Velocity V2 Wheels * Molded foam inserts included * All are backed with Pro-Line quality * Race ready * High-strength CA glue used for unmatched adhesion What's included: * Pre-mounted Revolver tires (2 pcs) ‹ Search: 9029-31 | M2 Medium Mounted on V2 White Wheels 9029-32 | M3 Soft Mounted on V2 White Wheels 9029-41 | M2 Medium Mounted on V2 Yellow Wheels 9029-42 | M3 Soft Mounted on V2 Yellow Wheels Tire Compound Colored Dot Chart SPECS: Height: 4.38" (111mm) Width: 1.68" (43mm)

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