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арт. RB-E01006-C6BBII

Двигатель нитро .21 RB C6 BBII TURBO L2G + выхлопная система (192P + 2045P) КИТ

Производитель: RB Products
Двигатель внутреннего сгорания (ДВС) двухтактный, калильный. Класс .21. Рабочий объем 3.49 куб. см.
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Шасси Наименования моделей
Trophy Buggy Модель багги HPI Trophy 3.5 Тюнинг
Trophy Truggy HPI Trophy 4.6 Тюнинг
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Двигатель нитро .21 RB C6 BBII TURBO L2G + выхлопная система (192P + 2045P) КИТ

Характеристики двигателя:

Рабочий объем: 0.21 куб. дюйма/ 3.49куб.см.
Диаметр цилиндра: 16.22 мм.
Ход поршня: 16.80 мм.
Коленвал: SPT/SG 14mm Bi-Turbo
Свеча накала: Turbo #01051-6
Вес: 370 гр.
Назначение: для багги

Конструкцию и точные размеры двигателя можно посмотреть: RB-01006-C6BBII
Combo set RB C6 BB TURBO L2G+01351-192P+01351-2045P

The RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G is now as popular as the world famous, 3 times world Champion, RB Concept WS7III!

This engine has a wide rpm range, a fast and smooth acceleration giving complete satisfaction to the international racers who have used this engine: it is the best compromise to be found in Off-Road racing!

The TURBO type of glow plugs can now be used in this type of engine, offering an increase in horsepower and also in fuel consumption. This gain in power has increased so much that we can calm down the engine using a 7mm venturi which greatly improves the already very good fuel consumption of this engine. With these 2 combinations you still have room to increase the power when needed, all in all the best compromise ever found in this area. Furthermore, the new L2G head lowers the center of gravity to improve the handling of the car and the new shape increases the cooling capacity. RB CONCEPT C6BB II L2G offers anybody the opportunity of driving the same engine as the international team.

Package Includes:
E01006-C6BBII RB Concept C6BB TURBO L2G
01351-192P RB Concept Polished Inline Off-Road Exhaust Manifold Short 92mm
01351-2045P RB Concept 2045 One Piece Polished In line Tuned Pipe


This RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G crankcase has been designed and developed by Rody Roem. It is light, rigid and strong to achieve optimum performance. The crankcase material is a highly developed alloy, which provides greater stability. It is formed utilizing a vacuum system, which avoids the creation of air cavities during the molding process.


The RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G internal porting of this new crankcase has been improved and optimized to provide a more efficient gas flow in combination with the 5 intake ports of the sleeve. Included in the crankcase carburettor spigot you will find an o-ring system which prevents the carburettor o-ring from being damaged when removing and assembling the carburettor from the crankcase.

Piston Liner

The RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G piston and sleeve combination are "ABC", which is short for Aluminum/Brass and Chrome. The piston is cast from aluminum and the sleeve is a brass cylinder that has been hard chromed on the inside to provide superior life. You will also notice the porting of our Multi Exhaust System (MES), which was originally an RB innovation and has now been adopted by most of our competitors. The sleeve itself has a total of 9 functioning ports. There are 5 intake ports and 2 bypass or scavenging ports, working along with the additional 2 Exhaust Booster ports, which help to create improved fuel consumption, while giving unmatched power also. The RB CONCEPT C6BB II L2G comes with a redesigned Multi Exhaust System creating high torque even from low RPM thus ensuring incredible acceleration from this Buggy engine. Despite the massive horsepower available from the RB CONCEPT C6BB II L2G the fuel consumption is also more than acceptable!


The connecting rod in the RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G II is what we refer to as a competition rod. It has been manufactured from aircraft grade alloy and is ultrasound checked for stability and strength. It consists of a double bushing design that prevents any premature failures from happening during high competition use. The shape of the connecting rod has been designed as aerodynamically as possible to prevent obstruction of the internal gas flow into the cylinder, add to this a special oil hole in the bottom and top of the rod to aid in lubrication, and these competition rods are ready for what you can throw at them.


After long experience and generations of long stroke, high competition, racing RB CONCEPT engines, the development of the "Bi-Turbo" crankshaft in the RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G is one of its secrets for achieving a usable power range and balance.


The front-bearing of the RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G features 2 rubber shields (inside and outside) to prevent dust or water entering the engine or deteriorating the bearing itself. The rear-bearing is of the highest quality and has its line of balls placed closer to the connecting rod to achieve greater stability of crankshaft rotation.


The new L2G cooling head lowers the center of gravity to improve the handing of the car and the new shape increases the cooling capacity.


This multi composite RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G carburettor is mainly made out of nylon to prevent overheating of the fuel entering the engine (vaporlock) when the engine is very hot. The base of the carburettor has a new steel insert, which goes through to the top of the housing, so that its strength and stability is assured. This carburetor is supplied with an 7mm venturi and can receive the following venturis of 6, 8 or 9mm diameter depending upon the power you need and fuel consumption you want to obtain. The idle screw has been repositioned and the slide is now easier to connect to the throttle linkage.


The RB CONCEPT C6BBT II L2G uses a Turbo glow plug, which we developed for competition use as it is recognized to be strong and reliable. The efficiency of the engine is better and the fuel mileage is also improved.
Technical Specifications:

Reference : 01006-C6BBII Contents: 3.49 cc
Bore: 16.22mm
Stroke: 16.80mm
Porting intake: 5+2
Porting exhaust: 3
Crankshaft: SPT/SG 14mm Bi-Turbo
Carburetor: Slide Composite 9mm with removable Venturi 7mm
Glow plug: Turbo #01051-6
Weight: 370 Gr.
Use: Buggy

Информация о товаре носит ознакомительный характер. Технические характеристики, комплектность, цвет могут быть изменены производителем без уведомления. Если Вы обнаружили ошибку в описании товара, пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом. Информация о товаре, представленная на данной странице, не является публичной. офертой. Вы всегда можете проверить товар до его получения. Особые условия гарантии распространяются на следующие товары: аккумуляторы, запасные части, расходные материалы, электронику. Оформляя заказ на данный через сайт, по телефону или лично через менеджера, в Шоу-руме, Вы подтверждаете ознакомление и согласие с Условиями продажи.

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