Регулятор хода бесколлекторный датчиковый c реверсом Speed Passion GT V2.1 Pro Stock Edition

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Регулятор хода бесколлекторный датчиковый c реверсом Speed Passion GT V2.1 Pro Stock Edition

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The racers asked, and Speed Passion delivers!
Specially designed for tight 12th scale applications and 1/10 Stock class racing, the GT 2.1 Pro Stock ESC is your answer for a small low profile ESC specifically for stock motor racing. The GT 2.1 Pro Stock ESC features the latest top speed and rip enhancing Speed Passion software already preloaded, and uses the same USB update capability as the groundbreaking GT 2.0 so you can always have the latest software advances right at your fingertips. Featuring a tough alloy case and low profile heatsink hard anodized in your choice of shiny blue or serious satin black, the GT 2.1 Pro Stock keeps it’s cool under intense racing loads like no other. Take your stock or spec motor racing to a new level of configurability and performance with the Speed Passion GT 2.1 Pro Stock ESC!

The new GT2.1 Pro stock ESC preload the special design stock race software and profile, which is suitable for stock racing like 9.5T, 10.5T, 11.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T with 2 cell lipo.

If using software 323STOCK with any of the GT series speed controller, the included LED programmer box will not be compatible with the software/speed controller. Please purchase our LCD professional program card Part No.# SPLCD01 in order to work with the software and the speed controller.

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