Передатчик LRP 2-х канальная 2.4 ГГц (авто-судо)

Артикул: LRP-87011
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Передатчик LRP 2-х канальная 2.4 ГГц (авто-судо)

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LRP A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. 2-х канальный передатчик 2.4 ГГц с технологией F.H.S.S. с сенсационным соотношением цена/качество! Поставляется с новым 3-х канальным приемником A3 RX для 7.4V. В комплекте: передатчик, приемник, выключатель питания, кассета для батареек.


LRP A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. Radio-Set

With the new A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz transmitter LRP offers a high value for money transmitter with 2.4GHz technology for all R/C drivers. With its high-end features, this new transmitter is nothing less than a sensational price/performance package.

The little brother of the successful C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz impresses with its 2.4GHz system and the A3-RX 3-channel receiver, able to manage 7.4V input voltage, through extremely high reliability and outstanding transmission security. Problems with occupied frequencies are now finally a thing of the past!

Crystal- and Interference-Free 2.4GHz Technology Due to the 2.4GHz technology you do not need to worry any longer about radio interferences. Problems with busy frequencies are history!

End Point Adjustment (EPA) EPA adjusts the maximum angle causing a different turning radius. It is used to adjust the maximum servo travel for each channel and turning direction in order to protect your servos against damages due to overturning of the servo above the technical limited servo travel of your vehicle.

Fail Safe Function
FailSafe sets channel 2 to an upfront defined position in case of a weak or lost radio signal in order to avoid loosing control of your vehicle. If no pre-setting is done Failsafe is set to neutral position.

LRP Quality in a complete package
• New 2.4GHz technology
• 2.4GHz FHSS 3-channel receiver
• LED battery status display
• Ergonomical gun grip and steering wheel design
• Outstanding price/performance ratio
• Charge socket for optional rechargeable batteries
• Stylish packaging box

Weight 388g
Transmission Frequency 2.4GHz
Power Supply 8 x AA Alkaline Batteries, 12V
Number Channels 2

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