Передатчик HPI TF-11 2-х канальный 2.4ГГц

Артикул: HPI-105406
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Передатчик HPI TF-11 2-х канальный 2.4ГГц

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Use with HPI RF-11 Receiver
Use the comfortable and feature-packed HPI TF-11 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence when controlling your car or truck kit! The HPI TF-11 radio system uses the latest digital FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) 2.4GHz radio technology to give you trouble-free and total control of your RC car. You will be able to confidently drive your HPI kit with other drivers without worrying about things like frequencies or radio conflicts. The TF-11 is a lightweight and compact, fully-featured 2-channel radio with advanced ergonomic features and loads of adjustability. Set the radio up for your car with custom features like servo reversing, centre trim, dual rate and more. Only 4 AA batteries are required to power the TF-11, so it's light in your hands, and the steering wheel design makes it realistic to drive your car or truck with. With the adjustable, built-in failsafe feature, you will be protected just in case the radio transmitter loses its connection with the receiver. TF-11 Radio Features Digital 2.4GHz technology Automatic frequency-hopping design finds channels without interference Run your HPI kit with other drivers without worrying about frequencies! Ideal balance with handle-mounted batteries 2 channel Steering wheel & trigger design for improved driving realism Servo reversing Steering dual rate Centre trim (steering and throttle ) Compact size is easy to carry Light weight (only 4 AA batteries required) No external antenna for slick modern look Power LED Simple switch for legal use in France

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